HILS Rebate

Foundation - Year 12, Multiple Student Rebate

Cornerstone College, Mt Barker

The HILS Primary schools, in partnership with Cornerstone College, are pleased to offer a rebate to families that have committed to a HILS learning investment for multiple children across our schools.

This rebate is in addition to multiple child discounts and bursaries arrangements that are in place at each school and as determined at the individual school.

This rebate is available to families that have multiple children simultaneously at a HILS primary school and Cornerstone College. There is no financial qualification for this rebate, but we do ask that you prayerfully consider your need prior to the annual application for the rebate.  The rebate will be applied at the completion of Term 1 each year, and as relevant, will be applied proportionally to the person(s) financially responsible for school/college accounts. Currently, the rebate ranges from $200 - $400 per child, depending on the level of school they are attending.

Senior School years (10-12) provide an extensive range of subjects allowing students to achieve their goals and reach their desired career pathway.