Our Schools

Cornerstone College

Year 7 to 12
Cornerstone College, Mt Barker

Individual excellence, learning and responsibility for life.

Cornerstone College provides quality secondary coeducation from Year 7 to Year 12.

Middle Schools years (7-9) focus on flexible and engaging, inquiry-based learning where the curriculum is built around “Big Ideas” that enable integration of subjects, whilst ensuring students develop deep literacy and numeracy understanding.

Senior School years (10-12) provide an extensive range of subjects allowing students to achieve their goals and reach their desired career pathway. We recognise all student pathways are varied and work with them to establish what their career goals are - to ensure they have the required background and knowledge to pursue their chosen career. Whether it is for entrance to university and TAFE for further study, VET courses offering pathways into apprenticeships and traineeships or directly into employment.

Our motto “Christ our firm foundation” from Ephesians 2:20 underpins all that we do. It is far more than words – it informs how we think, act and behave; proudly servants of God

Our exceptional approach to learning and wellbeing provides the greatest possible opportunities for your child to flourish. The College continually strives to meet the needs of our students; their learning, their wellbeing, their spiritual growth.

HILS provide a warm, caring and nurturing learning environment where individual gifts and differences are respected, and students are empowered to not only recognise these gifts but embrace them.

Lobethal Lutheran School

Foundation to Year 6
Lobethal Lutheran School

Love. Service. Courage. Compassion. Forgiveness.

At Lobethal Lutheran School your child has their best opportunity to realise their unique potential, passions and purpose in life.

Our school provides Christ centred, quality primary school education that values and nurtures each child’s potential within a caring community.

We are a community where staff, students and their families undertake the important task of learning together to build a positive future. It is a place where we endeavour to develop and use our God-given talents to make this a world that God wants it to be.

Our schools create a challenging and fun learning environment with a focus on innovation, authenticity, resilience, and emotional growth.

St Mark's Lutheran School

Foundation to Year 6
St Mark's Lutheran School

Explore. Play. Grow. Belong.

St Mark’s provides excellent education in a welcoming and nurturing environment where each child is supported to develop their individual potential to excel in learning and life and encouraged to reflect Christ’s love in their care and service to others.

In harmony with its Lutheran ethos, St Mark’s places great value on its mission – Living and Growing with Christ.

At St Mark’s we adopt a holistic approach to learning where individual student needs are developed through quality educational and pastoral care programs.

We aim to provide students with an understanding of the Christian faith though our teaching, values and Christian beliefs.

St Michael's Lutheran Primary School

Foundation to Year 6
St Michael's Lutheran Primary School

Wonder. Challenge. Explore. Discover.

St Michael's believes in every student's capacity to learn. We are a co-educational primary school providing students with innovative learning experiences and the opportunity to wonder, challenge, explore, and discover.

Our school is specifically designed to provide our students with opportunities to create, explore and discover their potential. St Michael's spacious grounds and extensive facilities provide safe, flexible outdoor and indoor spaces for children to learn and play in a caring Christian environment.

At the core of our school are Christian beliefs and values which underpin all learning; encouraging and developing healthy relationships in the community. Our aim is to facilitate and encourage growth in every student’s learning, regardless of starting point.

We seek to nurture individuals who are aware of their humility, and who contribute with meaning and purpose to the community and wider world.